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The "Bliss in me" retreats is an exceptional time in which you will be able to quiet your mind and go deeply within yourself. Agnieszka Kowalska - a yoga teacher, globetrotter and a great organizer has carefully selected beautiful and peaceful places where you will be able to feel your inner strength, energy and piece of mind away from touristic distractions. The retreats are perfectly designed to achieve the above thanks to amazing, tranquilizing nature, daily yoga routine, meditation at sunset and at dawn, relaxing massages, light and healthy vegetable-based meals. It truly is the best gift you can present yourself.

Barbara P.

There are many yoga teachers around and many places you can start to practice. The point is not to jump in the big water without an introduction, without understanding how and what way yoga will change your body and mind. I've had a goal which, with help of Agnieszka is closer and closer. Her advise and guidance is really priceless. I would recommend her service from a bottom of my heart. It's not only the yoga practice. It's her insight to your body and mind as a whole and guiding you further and further but respecting your own pace. Thanks to that I know my limits and... also know how to extend them. Great motivation!

Anna W.

I took part in quite a few of Agnieszka’s classes and I do wish to recommend them to every and single one person interested in improving their life through yoga. They are fun, they are light, they are a pleasure to participate and last but not least – they work. Agnieszka has this unique ability to meet your particular needs and make the sequence work it’s best exactly where you need it most. Every time it left me feeling both relaxed and energetic in my body and mid. Oh, and do try her private classes!. They’re a real yoga masterpiece!

Beata Maia G.

I first met Agnieszka at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas where she was further deepening her knowledge of yoga. We then reconnected in Tokyo were she was again developing her practice and her teaching. She is a very committed and authentic teacher and I very much look forward to her overseas retreats.

Maria N., Tokyo

I would recommend Bliss In Me to anyone that has been practicing yoga & meditation and wants to rediscover its power and beauty. You will spend amazing time with Agnieszka and you will build friendships meant to last a life time. Bliss In Me walked me through a journey of discovering knowledge and understanding the true meaning of yoga & meditation via the direct path of self enquiry. Agnieszka’s authenticity and humility make her a wonderful yoga and spiritual teacher, and I am so full of joy for having chosen her retreats.

Louise M., NY

My association with Agnieszka began in April 2015, while we were getting our Yoga Teacher Instructions in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Bahamas. Having lived in other cities I have had the opportunity to experiences classes with other Yoga instructors. I am pleased to say that Agnieska is the more dedicate instructor I have know".

Yvett.L. Gutiérrez