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Agnieszka Kowalska – a certified teacher of yoga with long experience in teaching yoga and meditation. She has been teaching various classes for many years, including yoga for pregnant women, children, seniors, people with back problems and other health conditions (therapeutic yoga) as well as for dancers. In addition, she is an active participant of various workshops and courses organized by Sivananda centers all over the world, including Sadhana Intensive classes, which help to perfect the practical knowledge and techniques of teaching yoga and meditation.

The most important courses and trainings include:

  1. Sivananda Teacher Training Course (certified by Yoga Alliance for 200h standards for Registered Yoga School –RYS)
  2. Yoga BOU (Stick Yoga by Michiko Minegishi Style, Yokohama, Japan)
  3. Zen Yoga (Yoga Teaching Center in Tokyo, Japan)
  4. Pregnancy Yoga (Yoga Alliance)
  5. Yoga for Kids (Yoga Alliance)
  6. Advanced Asans (Yoga Alliance)
  7. Yoga & Food (Yoga Alliance)
  8. Therapeutic Yoga Course (Yoga Alliance)
  9. Tibetan Buddhism Meditation (Buddhist Meditation and Teaching Center in Tokyo, Japan)
  10. Bali Usada Health Meditation Course (Bali Usada)
  11. Tibetan Buddhism Meditation (Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal)